The Broken Heart of A Wife

”Wife”  by Ada Limon Writer’s Seminar Emulation :

“Housewife, fishwife, bad wife, good wife”

These are all the qualities that they say are in a wife.

The expectations climb high and no one worries to even blink an eye.

She is numb to the cold that swirls around her in spirals.

Everything is out of reach.

Everyone is blinded to her selfless and ambitious nature.

Her head is held down low, while words of aggression come hurtling towards her.

Despite all this,

She cooks all meals,

Provides for her children,

and scrubs every spot, until it feels clean,

just like her heart and soul that have been ripped in shreds for years.

Some often look at all the imperfections of a wife,

but in reality, all the good qualities are:



and the Support she gives to all.

For this emulation, in relation to Ada Limon’s poem called “Wife”, I decided to take the approach of listing all the good qualities of a wife, instead of the poor ones that she had included in hers. I believe this poem uplifts women who are often in terrible situations in their own marriage. Often their hearts can be fixed if we all come to recognize all their good qualities that some may fail to see.

I also mentioned everything that a wife often provides to others whether it be from within her family, or outside. A wife can often have a bright, warming, and large heart for others, but when those pieces break, they are in dark places, and it is difficult to mend those pieces back together.

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Greed and Lost Beauty

The following are two fables: 

The Tale of the Blue Hummingbird and the Squirrel

Not too long ago, a blue hummingbird flapped its wings swiftly, moving from one flower to another. It was cautious to its surroundings and hardly blinked an eye. The bird had been trying to find a flower full of nectar to eat, but he found it very difficult. It had finally been worth it at the end, as eventually, the hummingbird was able to find an entire field of flowers filled with overflowing nectar from each plant. Its long beak watered, in hopes to finally feed on something that had been long-awaited. The bird darted quickly to the closest flower towards him, savouring every last bit of nectar. He did this quickly in hopes that the other animals would not see the large supply. 

Hopes were sadly diminished, as a squirrel from the neighbouring trees swung itself forwards towards the flowers, and he too was excited to consume it. Of course, the blue hummingbird was worried and made his way towards the squirrel.

“Have you come to eat on some nectar?”, asked the blue hummingbird.

“Of course!”, said the squirrel,” this would be too good of an opportunity to pass, especially with so much nectar lying around in this field.”

It was in the hummingbird’s best interest to lie about the nectar, and he told the squirrel that he was reserving the nectar for the bees, so they could make honey. The squirrel understood and left the area full of flowers, but a few moments later came back. 

The squirrel had come with the news: “I came to inform you that I was watching you all along from the top of that tree over their”, the squirrel points to a nut tree from afar,” I have come to understand that you did not save this nectar for others, but rather for yourself”. 

Moral: “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”- Mahatma Gandhi


The Tale of the Girl and the Dove

Years ago, there had been a young girl living in a whimsical cottage deep in the forest. She had no one to play with or to talk to. Her parents were in and out of her life; they were always out doing labour during the day. Because she had no one to communicate with, her thoughts were always cycling around her head, especially of how she rarely felt any beauty within herself. Her eyes would often glisten, and she could never tell anyone what was wrong. 

During the day she always felt depressed and lonely; isolated in her own bubble of thoughts, but as the sun began to set, she was more lively and happier because she knew that in the dark, she did not have to look at herself and all her imperfections. 

Not long after, she began to dream of a perfect world, where she had friends and family, and when she had finally seen the beauty in herself.

Late in the evening, before her parents arrived, she found a dove sitting by the corner of her window sill. The dove listed out all her hopes and dreams and silently flew away in the darkness. 

The following day, in mid daylight, the girl had finally felt a sense of true happiness.

Moral: “Your happily ever after might not look like one right away”- Beauty and the Beast

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The Universe

The unknown.

Vast, empty, and infinite,

The stars, planets, and galaxies align.


The stars,

They often tend to fill a void of 



And sacrifice.

They are bright and particular, 

Shining and twinkling against the softness of the skin.



revolve just like thoughts circulating,

Just like silent whispers,

And heavy gusts of wind

With coldness filling the room with



And power.



Gas, dust, and billions of stars encompass space.

Just like the leaves that fall of trees swirl covering every patch of ground

Like the sea containing so many creatures,

yet we have only discovered the five percent,

What happened to the 95?


The unknown.

Vast, empty, and infinite,

The stars, planets, and galaxies align.

My poem, The Universe, touches on what we call the unknown. We have little knowledge of what is out there. I love how there is an infinite world or possible dimension that we know very little about, and I hope in my lifetime new discoveries come out expressing the truth. Ofen we get a sense of imagination of what is actually out there.

In my poem, I come to describe the different components of a universe. This includes the stars, the planets, and galaxies, and I metaphorically relate all of these to my life. I find the universe to be a beautiful thing as it seems so empty, but so full at the same time. I constantly wonder, what is out there before us. What other stars are unfamiliar to us? What other planets need to be discovered? What else do we not know about the place we were born in? Millions of these questions continue to circulate within my mind.

In addition, I have learned that sometimes the unknown makes us feel better because we have nothing to worry about.

Lastly, I made sure to repeat the first and last stanza’s to emphasize the point that I was making with the universe, and it is a way to describe how it actually is. I bolded the words such as the stars, planets, and galaxies to represent the main focus of the poem, and as just a way to include style to my piece.

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The Echo: Monologue and Excerpt

Story Excerpt:

A sensation rises in on him. Shivers run deep down his spine, and his bareback lays upon the roughness of the bed. His legs feel stiff, in fact, they are anchored, and with every attempt to wiggle his toes feel laborious, and sometimes even impossible. With time passing by, he is slowly able to slightly lift a finger or move his head. Later the sensation reaches up towards his arms, and through the length of his legs. His eyes are closed, while he continues to process his deep sleep. He hears the dull tick of the clock, footsteps tapping, smelling the waft of hospital air. The sounds that make him alert are the cries he hears, feeling the presence of bodies not too far away from him. Beads of sweat run down his forehead and roll down towards the pillow and he shifts his head from side to side as if recovering from a feverish dream. With all the sudden events, his heart still beats softly.

He is very overwhelmed by the unknown individuals who cry over him by his hospital bed. The people who embrace and hug him, until he feels suffocated, in which panic circles his mind.

Not long after, his eyes slowly open, it is a struggle to keep them fully open as the over-pouring light makes him feel blinded. As he adjusts them, he is hardly able to see anything and as a result, the sound of footsteps begins to shuffle all around him, there is a lot of muffling that seems to occur, and he can not make out any of it. The cries become louder, as hands pull and touch every corner of his body, to examine any damage that has been done due to his life-threatening coma. Within a few minutes, he is finally able to fully open his eyes, shocked to see men in white coats, and surgical masks, poking at him in every direction.

He looks to his side, to see her staring at him. Other sides of the room are filled with strangers with worried faces. Questions begin to circulate through his brain: Who were these people and how did he get here? He tries to trace back his memory, but everything seems black, dark just like a monstrous sea in the unknown.

He makes his first attempt to utter his first word. His mouth moves, but the most he can get out is a sharp grunt, which no one around him seems to hear. Next, he tries to make a run away from all this mess that he still wonders how he bought himself into.

The only words that Alan can really hear from the doctors are: “memory loss”, “brain damage”, an “accident”.


This is another segment of the story, in which Alan speaks to the woman, he first sees in the hospital room.

“Do you remember just a few weeks ago, before I woke up from my coma? Your face was mostly filled with shock and disbelief. Tears had pulled and trickled down your cheeks, but despite everything, your eyes were locked onto mine, and a smile had spread wide on your face. Now that I look back, that’s the earliest memory I can think of, not my childhood and not attending middle or high school. I now find it quite funny how when I first laid eyes on you, I could not come to figure out who you were, and I stared at you blankly as the tears drip.

“Furthermore, you never truly know how it feels. To sit in this same body every day, but live completely separate lives at two different times. All I know is that my past life was dreadful, as some look at me in disbelief as I wander aimlessly down the streets observing the unfamiliar surroundings of my forgotten past; but, I do not think that I can ever touch on what exactly those past memories were. Please never tell me who I once was, I think it’s worth not knowing. I never want to think of my poor reputation, I just know it will never make me feel satisfied. Sometimes, part of me wonders if somebody would just tell me, inform me of my childhood, my brain can not seem to shape the images of riding a bike for the first time, playing sports, or getting my first car. I feel broken, inside and out, twisted reality of picturing the perfect life of never bringing myself into this situation.

“Promise me one thing, will you? Please do not inform me of what life used to be like. I want to live a new life. Escape from what was once known, to become respectable, and live on a greater reputation. Trust me on this because I know that I can make this possible. Listen to me because I know that you’re frightened just as much as I am.


Do We Have an Adequate Supply of Food to End World Hunger?

More than 821 million people face chronic hunger on this planet. This is equivalent to one in nine people. The vast majority of us are able to go to the grocery store to pick from a variety of fresh produce, but this is not the case for others, who scavenge to find food every day, satisfied as to at least only having one meal. When we face hunger we have easy access to food just by the closeness of our fingertips. For others, hunger is defined as a condition in which a person does not meet basic nutritional requirements due to not eating an adequate supply of food. When one faces chronic hunger, the appetite may not be the only thing that can be affected. Aspects such as malnutrition, stunted growth, the risk of babies being born prematurely, and stomach and headaches play major roles in affecting a person’s hunger drastically. People not too far away from us face hunger, such as homelessness along the streets of downtown, but there are also other locations including third world countries. A country such as Sub-Saharan Africa contains 22.7% of the world’s population who face the growing risk of hunger. The Caribbean holds 17.7%, Southern Asia:14.4%, Southeastern Asia: 11.5%, and Western Asia: 10.6%. It is quite clear that we are all aware of this growing problem of world hunger. There have been many organizations that have already raised this concern and have reduced world hunger by a tremendous amount. It has now only come to the question: Do we actually have an adequate supply of food to solve this problem of growing world hunger? 

“We know that a peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.” – Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the United States. With this growing concern of world hunger, organizations have helped to reduce it by 50 percent since 1979. Although the world produces one-half times enough food to feed every individual in this world, many of these people are already in a state of poverty, in which they simply do not have enough money to even purchase it in the first place. They also lack such resources to buy food, and many places lack basic nutrition. There is nowhere for them to process or supply the food that is being made. For example, in India, harsh chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides are used for farming, which consequentially leads to soil degradation. This slows growth for crops and creates health issues. Which pushes many of these farmers into debt. With this being a concern, it gives emphasis to the fact that although there is a supply of accessible food for the world, the majority of these individuals would just not be able to access it due to geographical locations and poverty issues that ultimately lead to their hunger.

As mentioned before, a vast number of the global organization has helped slow the spread of hunger, one of the largest that have been introduced by the United Nations include World Food Programme(WFP), it has helped over 86.7 million people all across the world who struggle to find an adequate food source. It works to provide aid to over 83 countries around the globe. WFP acts as an emergency responder in which it supplies food with 5600 trucks, 20 ships, and 92 planes. An abundance of organizations helps strive to improve the circumstances of the world including, Bread of the World, a collective Christain organization based in the United States; Care, an organization dedicated to ending poverty and protecting the dignity of people; Action Against Hunger, finds ways to treat hunger and malnutrition all over the world; and more.

In conclusion: “There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.” – Ed Asner, actor and social activist. To answer the question: Do We Have an Adequate Supply of Food to End World Hunger? The answer comes down to yes. That there is actually enough food to feed this world, but with the circumstances that some people are put in, they are not able to get access to this food source, which leads to their starvation in the first place. Organizations are ultimately the only way to help stop the growing issue. So the next time that we are quick to throw away a piece of food, we should think back to the people around the world who long to see even a bit of bread.


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The Last Time

7 AM

The sun rose for the final time…

Slowly coming up further and further into the dawn sky, we saw vivid morning colors of orange, purple, and pink spreading along the horizon. None of us took our eyes off of it, and no one looked back because we wanted to capture every last memory of what would no longer be ours. Many of us sit on the wooden surface of our front porch, coffee in hand sipping away, having one last touch of our surroundings. No one cries. We are at the stage of accepting our fate and our reality. The presence of earth decides to end during the summer days when laughter echoes amid the sultry air. We wash it off in the ice-cold swimming pool and drink lemonade. We did not want to give that up just yet, but only in a moment of hours, the world could just decide to shut down with everyone in it. All of humanity will soon be erased. I can feel my pulse quicken every so often at the back of my neck, hoping, pleading that this day will never go to rest, but we all knew that this was going to be inevitable.

10 AM

Too many long, painful hours have passed. We are too frightened to make a move. Who knows, the destruction of everyone could be at any minute. Every passing second on the clock could possibly lead to our demise. We had to call off all meetings and interviews, we decided that we had nowhere important to go. With the world ending everything felt so insignificant. Everything felt like it was dying and slowly withering away in our eyes. “Why now?”, We all ask. “Why today?”. A lot of us still had plans for the future, major things we wanted to succeed in or accomplish, but obviously, life was not going to let that happen with the world deteriorating. With these thoughts swirling in our heads, we can all hear the collective pound of our hearts, roaring loudly. Community is the only thing we can maintain at such a devastating time where we used to be able to fix almost everything, but this came to be unsolvable.

12 PM 

Nothing seemed to have changed within the last two hours. Everybody panics silently trying to hide their faces, but we could still see the anguish and pain laid on their faces.

3 PM 

Time seems to be passing by slowly as we wait. Death is near and to remove this thought we find other things to occupy our mind. A lot of us stay outside breathing in the fresh air. This is the final time where we get to stay outdoors. Children ride bicycles. They are the only ones who are not aware of the dangers that are about to come. I wish I was in their position, children never have to worry about anything. We don’t even know how this world is going to end, but we brace together and hold on tight to our possible final hours of this day. We are too distracted in our lives to even pay attention to the television we watch or the books we try to read. We just appreciate the little aspects of nature, such as the daisies growing through the rich ground and the mountains that climb tall from afar.

6 PM

We are still holding on…

7 PM

We begin to hear the earth rupturing beneath us. Holding hands, praying to see another day. The breakage of Earth lasts for a good forty-five minutes until we reach our final destination…



March 15th

March 15, 2020

None of us knew what to think. In my 16 years of life, it had come to be my first encounter with something that can be so deadly. My expectations were to go back to school like we always have been. I treated March fifteenth like any other day, but a little more different because it had been my sister’s birthday, more specifically her thirteenth birthday party. She had been extremely excited about this day and every day for possibly a month, she made sure to mention it in some way. At the same time, I was thinking about an upcoming assessment that I had to study for, but my mind had been someplace else. I focused my attention more on my sister, who was celebrating a new year with a new age. I remember quite vividly the items we had bought the day before the party such as paper plates, plastic spoons and forks, and the cake. When we went out for these items the stores seemed to have been very chaotic and busier than ever before, it was clear that there was panic shopping occurring that day because of the uncertainty we all had in ourselves. I remember there had been a mass number of people at the stores that we had gone to; it was also extremely loud. Everybody tried to separate themselves from each other, cautious as to what disease may be lingering in the air or what the person may hold. Very few of us were unaware of the idea of wearing a “mask”. I tried my best to make sure that I did not touch my face, as if one wrong move, everything would turn into chaos, carts had also been stacked up high with food-like peaks of mountains.

Everything had been laid perfectly on the table, and the various colours of balloons were scattered aesthetically on the carpeted floor. Despite having cold snowy days in March that day had been quite warm like summer. The bright sun had been shining through the window, and everything was vibrant and joyous. It seemed like there was nothing to worry about despite what we all heard on the news.

1 PM. The time when every one of my sister’s friends began to come into the room. I had been the host of that party. Making sure I received the gifts and put them in a secluded area. I took pictures and watched as they smiled at the flashing lights of the camera. Every smile was masked due to the uncertainty of tomorrow especially because we did not know what the next day would hold. We decided to focus on the moment that was ahead of us now. I made sure to host the activities that were going on, such as playing card games, dance parties, and balloon fights. I made sure to capture every one of those moments, and I was also the one to prepare the meals, such as the pizza and cake we were about to eat. I set the different kinds of candy, such as the rainbow ropes, strawberry sweets, and bubble gum on the table like a buffet. It truly got everyone excited. Many cokes were also set on the table, and I watched it slowly disappear every time I came back to refill a bowl full of snacks. A little part of me was still thinking of the test that I had to write for the next day, but I could not bring myself to put my mind into it. Deep down in my heart, I had a feeling that we would not be going back to school tomorrow, maybe that was why I did not take it too seriously. The day had seemed to be so long. The sun slowly begins to set, as I finally take the opportunity to begin studying. Something quickly catches my eye as I turn on my tablet. I take a quick glimpse at the notification, something about school, but I am not really paying attention. I plug in my password and head to the course material that I am to study. 

A few moments later, I remember my brother coming into the room to break the news to me, I was already anticipating the message that was coming from his mouth. This was when I knew the world had begun to fall into shambles; It began to break like glass, and there was nothing to do to solve the problem, but hope for the best and expect to be back in school after spring break. Even though I expected something like this to happen, it still took me some time to process because never in my life have I been told not to come to school. I must have not been the only one surprised by this circumstance because the phone that was sitting just next to me on my dining table, began to buzz uncontrollably. We were glad that we did not have to attend another day of school. I also realized that I no longer had to study for my upcoming test and a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was only now relaxed and I was able to do the things that I would not have done when the school had been taking place such as cleaning up and vacuuming the cluster of my messy room. My sister’s friends had still been at the party when we got the news, and it was soon time for them to leave and go home, we discussed the uproar of sudden events that had just occurred, and once they left my sister never saw them again because the next year, she went to a new school.

We all now know that this never seemed to happen and a year later we are still waiting and seeing to fight off this pandemic. Every time the cases seem to be low again, it only uproars to an even stronger wave that never goes away. We were once all excited and scared. Happy that we got an extended break from school, and sit through another boring class, but little did we know that we would take that all for granted once we realized that we could no longer see the majority of our friends ever again. I realized that I never got to say goodbye to the friends I made in the graduating class of 2020. I would never get to sing in the afterschool classes where I made so many friends and everything now just seems like a distant memory. I was hopeful in pursuing goals for track and field, but I never got the chance to participate in the track and field season.

The week after spring break turned into three months, only to experience what was supposed to be the escape of summer, but turned into long, sultry days sitting alone isolated in our homes.

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Rushing Past

Music(Running with Hina):

Spoken Word Poem:

Rushing Past

The miniature world stays fixated in our own eyes. 

I remember so little, yet everything seems to come rushing past.

Like wind trying to blow me over,

So strong that the flowers bend over,

So powerful, the tree branches break

Tumbling and scattering so effortlessly on the spring grass.

I see myself through a scope. 

Riding a bicycle with training wheels,

Exerting my way across the sidewalk as I pedal.

My younger sister tags along. 

Joyfully running beside me.

I remember so little…

Yet everything seems to rush past.

Like frost crystallizing,

Everywhere seems so white.

The snow is sparkly,

Brighter than the stars that shine so luminously.

I look through the paned windows,

I visualize myself standing on top of the fresh mounds of snow.

I break off icicles hanging,

My siblings and I roll up balls of snow.

Snowball fights and building snowmen.

Today I get shivers running down my spine.

I remember so little…

Yet everything seems to rush past,

Like flames flickering and soon vanishing.

Hope runs through my veins, as the room lights up.

With it getting dimmer, the hope only begins to fade. 

I see myself through the bright redness of the fire flickering.

My friends standing around me singing happy birthday.

A decade has passed.

They congratulate me with gifts.

I smile and I am not worried about the future.

I make a wish.

I blow the candle out.

I remember so little,

Yet everything seems to some rushing past,

Like a sprint to the finish line. 

It’s warm outside,

Sweat begins to drip down my face.

I smile at the thought of the gold medal

Hanging down my neck,

Shining so brightly,

Reflecting against the sun.

I get congratulated.

The memories ever so slightly reappear in my brain.

Everything seems to come rushing past.

Blackout Poem:

The crystallizing

sparkly stars shine

and soon lights up with hope

I make a wish

Yet everything outside

 shining so brightly,

against the sun.

Memories come

rushing past.

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The realization crept up on me as soon as I saw the distant shadows nearing closer to my body. The feeling of it ran slowly up my spine and I could feel the pit in my stomach reaching up towards my chest. It felt like my heart was going to burst into a million pieces. I wanted to repair it and forget about the past, but it was too late now, as I can now feel the grasp of arms behind me. The fingertips press behind my back and before I know it darkness surrounds me in every corner of my periphery. I can feel the burlap bag scratch my face as I kick and wail for help, but I had taken the wrong path to reach home. All I had with me was my pocket knife, but that had been left behind deep into my handbag unwanted. Now that I need it, the regret only pours deep down into my veins. In an instant, I appear to be drowsy, probably the scent of the burlap bag suffocating me into an 8-hour sleep…

I wake up in a cold sweat dreaming unwanted dreams. I hear water drops falling onto the cold cement floor that I had been sleeping on. Echoes also run deep, and when I hear the first one, I begin to tremble. My hands are interlocked with a zip tie behind my back, and a sock is wrapped around my mouth. I make the effort to scream, but I can only hear the echoes of my own voice. I sit there for hours contemplating how my life will go on from here. I sit here in this damp underground room for hours.

My eyes have slowly adjusted to the darkness of the room. I thought I heard the first footsteps coming down as I could hear dragging feet on the first few steps. It turns out that I was only delusional. I haven’t been alone for this long. Long hours, turned into days when I thought someone would turn the keys, but there had only been silence and everyone including my kidnapper have forgotten me. Days turned into weeks and then months. I feel the stench slowly rise up on me, my hair is greasy, and I haven’t gone this long without brushing my teeth in my life. I manage to eat the food little each day that has been hidden on some shelves in the underground room. It has been suffocating enduring each day like it would be my last and never being able to see the light like everyone else sees so easily.

I count each day by scratching lines on the wall. Because I have no light to tell me what time of the day it is, I make my own assumptions of when it is morning, when it is the afternoon, and when it is late at night.

In the midst of a long sleep, I hear a foreign sound. I hear steps coming further down to the ground. I thought that I might have been delusional again, but the steps keep coming further down, and I hear the jingling of keys against the once locked door. A man with short brown hair came in, supposedly in his early forties. I shiver for this has been my first encounter with another human being in a long time. A little bit of light appears from the door he had just opened and my eyes hurt from looking at that direction. At first, the man is taken aback when he sees me lying on the concrete floor. The place where I have been eating, sleeping, and sitting for so many long wish full years of getting out of such a lonely place. He begins to realize when he sees me with my tattered clothes and the greasy hair.

I have yet to find out who kidnapped me and stored me here away for so long.

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Distant Fantasy

Your body is so isolated. Stationary at the back of my mind. The elegant wings lie on the floor, dragging with every step that you take. I desperately keep my mind off you, not wanting to provoke any further attention. Not wanting to look so deep into your eyes. I want to be a part of you, but yet I need to be myself first. You’ve seen everything the world has had to offer you. I’ve seen none. I take no risks and go slowly down my own pace. My path is a straight line, while yours is jagged and all over the place. I want a life like yours, but I make no attempts because of the fear of the unknown and the reality that has to come my way. I feel your presence even when I try to block you out of my mind. Your body in so many shades of bright and dark oranges. Black shadows covering your face. I’m currently thinking of you, and as I’m doing so, I grip a mug in my hands, but soon after it shatters. Hitting the cold, tile floor beneath me. The pieces spread everywhere. My hands still grip the handle as I stand in the midst of my living room in shock, unable to comprehend what really just happened. The lights pour out thinly through the blinds, which appear in stripes along the rough edges of the shattered pieces of the mug that lies on the floor. I pick up the pieces tremulously, for I don’t want to grip it too hard, knowing that I’ll bleed. Every time I pick up the pieces of the mug and my life, your appearance is still always in the wake of my mind. The wings you seem to flap so elegantly appears in a flash. I’m only living the life of a human, but always long to have the beautiful, ambitious life of a bird. The life that you get to live so freely, leaves my mind and my soul so breathless longing for those long-awaited opportunities, but yet I make no attempt to go further and live in my monotonous reality.

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